Security Solutions

With our certified experts, we offer our customers flexible solutions and services in wide area network, wireless area network and local area network technologies, independent of manufacturers. With the solutions we offer, we ensure that necessary measures can be taken against increasing types of threats and that users can access the network whenever they need it, without reducing network performance. We offer multi-layered security solutions in order to benefit more efficiently from the flexibility provided by wireless area networks.

With the solutions we provide pursuant to the law numbered 5651, it is ensured that all the logs required under the law are collected in a central point and that the accuracy and integrity of the information specified in the law, and that the HASH information, which is the file integrity value of the data to be formed, is stored with a time stamp and its confidentiality is ensured, and a system consisting of layers in accordance with corporate security policies is ensured. By providing infrastructure, we ensure that resources are used more efficiently.